simone viola.


"A structure that is the result of an evolution, it represents a new vision of form."

Alea is a chair suitable for every day use, aesthetically elegant, dynamic, slender and functional. The design is recognizable by the absence of the back. The void in the seat area is not for decorative purposes; it eliminates excess material, reduces the chair’s weight and provides elasticity. Its organic form exudes movement and growth, and its frame, meanwhile the aluminum structure makes it lightweight and practical to move around.

The designer, Simone Viola was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in 1985. He studied industrial design in Milan and soon began to collaborate with prominent Italian and international architecture and design studios. In 2011, these experiences led him to open up his own studio in Switzerland, specializing in industrial design and interiors. The décor sector became his main area of interest and experimentation, and his personal taste began to emerge with a strong inclination towards clean lines and artisan workmanship.

His efforts are mainly devoted to an ongoing search for functional simplicity.

in which design becomes the expression of a personal style while serving a practical purpose. This confluence gives rise to minimalist, ergonomic shapes, intended to decorate living spaces in a recognizable manner.