“Everything they touch turns to gold…or brass, copper, leather, horsehair, marble, cast crystal, and beyond.” 

For Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, the founders of the design studio Apparatus, success has come unexpectedly. When they met in Los Angeles, Gabriel Hendifar was working in fashion and Jeremy Anderson had a job in public relations.

 ‘‘Our house is a laboratory for what’s going on in the studio.’’

Five years ago, the couple began toying with salvaged industrial components when they couldn’t find track lighting that they liked for their apartment. Soon people began asking about the striking designs, and Apparatus turned into an official product design firm. Nearly five years in, it has grown into one of the country's most talked-about design studios, with a staff of 35, a new showroom in New York, and work installed in swank hotels and restaurants around the world. 


from New york, uSA.

"objects of desıre."

‘‘Things feel modern, but not modern for the sake of being modern.’’

What Anderson and Hendifar may have lacked in experience they make up for with their eye for material, texture, and the unexpected. Their pieces are at once retro leaning and forward thinking, whimsical and utilitarian, altogether uncommonly chic. 

‘‘We’re exploring what happens when you try to express these perfect mathematical ideas in materials that fight that perfection.’’

Some of their signature designs, like the sensuous, hand-weathered Cloud lamp, are already approaching icon status, while the studio has become the lighting provider of choice for some of the most stylish new spaces on either side of the Atlantic, including the Marlton and Ludlow hotels and the Annabelle Selldorf-designed Marta restaurant in New York, and Spring restaurant in London.

“We hope the resulting pieces feel like artifacts from an unknown time and an unknown place.”

The tension between graphic, geometric forms and tactile, often offbeat materials — patinated brass, matte python, even horsehair.

For their first collection’s debut at ICFF, Apparatus went beyond lighting, launching a line of geometric, wood tables, followed by the release of a new collection called Neo Marble. Referencing ancient rituals, the Neo vessel consists of a brass bowl with a marble base, while the Neo lantern is made up of a glass sphere that sits atop of a conical marble base.

"To us, marble carries a sense of permanence and history that guides the conversation about how it should be used."

Their latest collection was installed in a mysteriously dazzling showroom in Milan Design Week 2017. In Milan’s Cinque Vie neighborhood, Apparatus’s elegantly bohemian installation showed off its new Lantern pendant lights and Segment tables, with their cast glass bases.