sophia ogonda.

reaching out TO US from nottingham, uk.

Born and raised in Nottingham, Sophia Ogonda graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015. She became interested in design when she studied applied arts course in college. She is currently a ceramic designer-maker, that currently produces work within her studio. 

"Rather than following trends, I create objects that are timeless yet innovative, and utilize processes and technologies are available today, as well as traditional hands-on techniques."

Ogonda utilizes ceramic-making to research upon archival material, and address art history. Ogonda embraces some of the more traditional methods of making such as throwing, yet the incorporates newer and contemporary production methods such as laser cutting. Her work often showcases intricate surface patterns and embellishments that take inspiration from the Persian and Islamic geometry

The Arabia collection reveals geometrical motifs that are a derivative of the ancient Persian patterns that were used in architecture and many other arts and crafts areas. Ogonda finishes her pieces with a mixture of vibrant glazes to emphasize the textural qualities of her ceramics.