'atlante table'

gıanluca ferullo.

reaching out TO US from mılan, ıtaly.

Atlante Table is a wooden dining table that was designed with a minimal manner.”

With legs and shelf support in solid, the shelf support consists of 4 different wood options: Walnut, black walnut, oak and elm. Extruded aluminium veneer spacers are topped with, a 10mm-thick tempered glass surface with a beveled edge.

The table is removable to facilitate the transportation and packaging process. The legs are joined, via specially designed grafts that are attached to the aluminium spacers. Once the base structure is fixed and is stable, it gets attached to the glass top. The structure can be lengthened and shortened depending on the user’s needs. The wooden base is finished with oil. The design was made and manufactured for Vanossi.

The designer was born in 1980. Ferullo graduated from Politecnico di Milano’s Industial Design program in 2005. In 2003, he studied Design and Photography at Fachhochschule Design und Medien in Hanover, Germany. During 2004-2005 he worked as designer for MR&D Institute, focusing on Lighting and Electronics product development department. Later on worked for the lighting factory Nemo S.r.l., followed by Alias S.p.A., as an outdoor engineer / furniture designer. In 2010 he started to work as a designer and consultant in the product development department, for renowned design brands, such as Cassina. In the academic year 2012-2013, he was senior lecturer for the lighting and production systems module at Istituto Europeo di Design Milano.

Ferullo currently lives and worksin his mılan-based desıgn studıo.