Bento Platter celebrates the sacred act of dining with countless options.”

Bento Platter range is inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box but given a contemporary twist. Instead of typical mass-manufacture bento platters made of plastıc, the series is made of enamelled porcelain. The colorful set can be arranged in countless ways provides freedom to personalize, share food and interact. Each platter is handmade made by talented craftsmen of R L Foote Design Studio, and finished with a hard-wearing colored porcelain glaze. 

BENTO PLATTERS provide freedom to personalize, share food and interact.”

The simple nature of the geometric platter designs complements the minimal aesthetic of the Japanese culture, and balances out the complex arrangements one can make using the different-shaped elements of the set.


RL Foote desıgn studıo.

reaching out TO US from melbourne, australıa.

“Each Bento range is handmade by R L Foote Design Studio artisans in Melbourne.”

R. L. Foote Design Studio is a Melbourne, Australia based design studio focused on delivering unique designs around the food and beverage experience with a strong interest in contemporary ceramics. The designers of the studio meticulously create everything inside their Hawthorn East studio workshop. 

“My latest endeavour is to focus on creating contemporary tableware and design objects.”

R. L. Foote Design Studio was founded by the installation artist, designer, chef and food designer Ryan L Foote whose diverse background provides a unique source of knowledge and inspiration.

“The studio's interest in the food and beverage experience goes beyond the physical elements of the flatware, tables and seats; we also consider the ephemeral experience that runs alongside these objects. Imagining how the food and drink is served, eaten, played with, we conceptualize new food forms, textures, tastes, cultural influences and their effect on the dining experience.”

Working with restaurants, interior designers and chefs, R. L. Foote Design Studio and produces customized flatware and objects.