Matthieu Muller.

reaching out TO US from Parıs, france.

BIRDY mimics the form of a friendly bird.”

BIRDY teapot’s smooth outline and balanced curves are inspired by the anatomy of a bird. The front end subtly releases the tea, whereas the back end acts as a handle for the user to firmly grab the body. Consisting of a single teapot and six complementary tea cups, when arranged on a tabletop surface, the collection looks as if a mother bird is surrounded its children.

BIRDY adds humor and joy to everyday life.”

Made of ceramic, the exterior of the collection is left untreated. In contrast to the pure white facades, the interiors are glazed with a waterproof black matte pigment. The stopper placed on top of the teapot provides a pop of color to the simple nature of the collection.

“What is the meaning of aesthetic when the world collapses? Poetry is one of my answers.”

Born in Bangkok (1994), raised in France, Matthieu Muller has been exposed to a variety of cultures when he was growing up. He ıs currently studyıng ın the Design Academy of Eindhoven, and takıng an exchange year to study in ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris.

“Things are more beautiful from the outside.”

In his design practice, Matthieu focuses to fınd a balanced relationship between the exterior and the interior of a product. He makes sure that everything he designs is beautiful and functional on the inside, as it is on the outside.