cansu gÖksu.

reaching out TO US from mılan, ıtaly.

“Usually Italian grappa glasses are straight, and Turkish tea glasses are curved outward.”

BLEND is a hybrid glassware set that combines Turkish and Italian cultures by acting as a bridge between a Turkish tea glass and an Italian grappa glass

Blend consists of three integral parts; The grappa/tea glass, the leg/spoon and the base/plate.

"The glass has a form that is both suitable for a steamıng hot Turkish tea and a traditional Italian grappa."

The tea glass has a socket with a hidden magnet on the bottom that provides stability for the leg connection. The leg has a magnet on the upper edge, which fits inside the glass bottom’s socket. The upper half of the glass is clear, whereas the lower half of the glass is gold and chrome plated with a spray gun.

The bottom side has a nut bolt end that enters the central hole of the reversed plate to form the bottom platform of the grappa glass.

To balance the act of drinking in a fast and slow manner, the mouth area contains a slight slope to insure user ergonomics.

"The slope allows the user to have a wider space between the glass and his nose."

due to the indentations on the plate, the cylindrically formed spoon stays ıntact during the act of carriage.

Cansu Göksu, is an Industrial Designer based in Milan & Istanbul. She began her design journey in high school and moved to Milan to pursue her passion. She graduated from NABA-Milan and currently is fulfilling her Masters on Product Design at Domus Academy.

For the past six years Cansu travelled to the capital cities of design: Istanbul, Paris, New York, Milan to explore new cultures and to get inspired for her design thinking.