richard Yasmine.

reaching out TO US from beirut, lebanon.

"The form of the design is reminiscent of interior parts of a clock."

Calibre, meaning ‘the process of time’, refers to horology and ancient Lebanese civilization. Yasmine was inspired by the age-old architecture and traditional tiles where shapes, patterns, structures, materials, and colors become one. With this thought in mind, due to the finger joint-shaped edges on the seat areas, the stools can be interlocked and fit within each other like puzzle pieces.

“the concept is to urge our society to become a whole - with its different religions, doctrines, mentalities, communities, etc. – and to unite; once united, we can make a difference keeping the wheel moving straight forward to improve.”

Calibre was designed for Squad Design with specific parameters in mind. The constraints were, that the stool needed to consist of wood and designed to fit inside a 35x35x35 cm cardboard box.

"I believe that design should be simple, bold, and straight forward with a touch of fantasy. I like to create multifunctional design pieces."

The designer Richard Yasmine, is an interior Architect and Product Designer - born and raised in Beirut, graduated in 2003 from the 'Lebanese university' with an honorable fine arts master degree – works as a conceptual designer and collaborates with design firms in Beirut, Milan, Dubai, and Doha.

“nowadays I'm working on integrating the Middle Eastern spirit in my designs, seeking the bridge between the traditional and the trendy.”

Merging his experimental dimension with a professional know-how, Yasmine incorporates a fresh approach while sticking to culture and traditional aspects, using technology and methodology, perception and spaces. He has won several regional and international competitions and is a regular attendant to fairs in Paris, Milan and New York. Active in the field of installations, furniture and conceptual design, his projects and designs have been featured in many local and international blogs and magazines.

YASMINE gets his motivation and inspiration from renowned architects, artists and fashion designers such as Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, Anish Kappor, Yayoi Kusama, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.