'compass desk'

samygın & samygın.

reaching out TO US from moscow, russıa.

The Compass Desk was built as a working desk for architects and designers.”

The initial intention behind the design was to make a functional yet unusual-looking working desk to be used in Samygin’s own design studio. 

“The surface of the desk transforms into a drawing board.”

Inspired by the perfect form of a technical instrument, the Compass Desk creates a comfortable workspace for multiple people and provides an opportunity to draw on a sloped surface. Due to its hinge mechanism, the user can easily transform surface of the table into a drawing board with a fixed 20-degree-angle.

“The table is accompanied by a matching chair, that complements the theme of the compass.”

The utility surface of the table consists of five sliding drawers and an angled drawing board which is made of two parts hinged together, that can be to fold or transported easily. Metal detailing is utilized to resemble the idea of a technical drawing tool.

“The form of the supporting legs resemble two pairs of compasses.”

The table built in solid oak polished with transparent oil to show off its natural beauty, ornamented with decorative brass details. The interior of the drawers is made of cedar wood.

Designed by the Russian furniture designer Alexey Samygin, the idea of the desk was developed in 2011 from a quick initial sketch. The design process last two months; accompanied by three more months manufacturing the wood and metal detailing.

“I design pieces that are practical to use, and that improves with age.”

Alexey Samygin has a special love for combining craftsmanship with timeless beauty. With his attention to detail, precision in proportions and high-quality choice of materials, Samygin creates a world of pure luxury and comfort.