Apiwat Chitapanya.

reaching out TO US from bangkok, thailand.

Compound’s destiny is dependent on the user. It can be expanded or reduced according to the user’s needs.”

Compound is the result of blending various shelving and table structures to create an eclectic storage system. Each compound is unique and consists of different configurations. The user is free to combine the shelving fixtures with side table structures to increase the functional qualities of the design.

“The concave storage pockets not only juxtapose with the linear nature of the design but also play an integral role in carrying small-scale items.”

The geometric storage areas consist of cast brass and stained wood, whereas the support structures are bent brass pipes that are attached to one another. Each surface has different housing locations and different sizes. The intricate manufacturing and coloring techniques pay homage to the acknowledged craftsmanship techniques of Thai artisans.

“Working with household accessories gave me the chance to experiment with metal welding and metal casting.”

The designer Apiwat Chitapanya, studied Fine Art and Printing BFA, and did aN M.A. IN Applied Art, in Silpakorn University, Thailand. After attending BIG+BIH design events in Thailand, Chitapanya became interested in the world of product design. Shifting his focus from applied art to design meant experimenting in manufacturing techniques. Therefore, Chitapanya produced tabletop objects such as ceramic vases, wooden lamps, and decorative objects.