'drop coffee table'

buket hoscan.

reaching out TO US from istanbul, turkey.

Drop Coffee Table offers a minimal simplicity with its simple lines that falls outside the typical coffee table properties. Drop offers a tabletop surface and a unique storage system due to the void that encompasses the round marble surface area. 

"The void can be utilized as a magazine holder or a storage system for small-scaled objects / house accessories." 

Drop comes in two different sizes and consists of wood and marble surfaces. Both surfaces are lacquer polished to perfection. The plainness of the wood creates contrast with the intricate texture of the marble and forms a balanced composition.

Drop has won the Golden A’ Design Award in from the International Design Academy and the Good Design Award by Design Turkey 2016

drop was designed by the istanbul-based design firm Marbleous — founded in 2014 by Buket Hoşcan Bazman—  and has a unique furniture collection that consists mainly of marble.

"All of our products are inspired by a contemporary design aesthetic and a respect for traditional craftsmanship."

All Marbleous products are made by craftsmen based in Turkey.