Yongphan vicharana.

reaching out TO US from BANGKOK, THAILAND.

FACIA showcases the freedom and creativity in current manufacturing techniques.”

FACIA is a fresh take on the classic upholstered chaır. The drive behind the design comes from revealing the potential of the current technological enhancements and manufacturing techniques.

The diamond-shaped backrest pattern of the seat mimics classic upholstery and surprises the viewer by transforming the soft nature of upholstery cushıonıng with the tough and raw nature of wood.

“Precise craftsmanship can create utterly complex forms with unlimited possibilities.”

The intricate patterning is achieved by the use of 5-axis computer numerically controlled router (CNC). In this case, CNC technology was used to mill the surface of the wood to delicately peel the layers off, and provide a cushion-like organic form.

“The chair becomes alive with the interaction of light and shadow.”

The main inspiration for the design comes from the architectural facade concept. Due to the convex-shaped cuts on the facade, the chair receives light in various angles, and therefore manipulates the light / shade relatıonshıp in an elegant manner. FACIA is convenient both for indoors and outdoors use.

The designer developed this piece as his thesis collection for his studies taking place in King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), in Thailand.