'glory holes'

richard Yasmine.

reaching out TO US from beirut, lebanon.

“I see Glory Holes as a glamorous object conceived as a piece of jewelry projecting a new dimension in the world of home accessories."

Glory Holes is conceptualized as a representation of the sweetness of revenge. Richard Yasmine has a talent for for fusing reality with fantasy. When designing the side table, Yasmine’s objective was to follow a jewelry-like approach for a household with a hidden message.

"Not to mention the easily removable multi-sized phallic shaped brass elements for kinky-minded people."

Made of turned and polished brass, the phallic-like supportive legs contain the sensual message behind the theme of revenge. The legs come in various widths and lengths, and a circular metal base. On top rests a perforated white solid marble surface, and the base is a black sheet metal. The selection of black and white represents the opposing nature of the design that features a bright and a dark side. The table is reversible, depending on whether the user wants a larger top and smaller base, or opposite. All of the multi-sized brass pieces are removable, enabling user customization and facilitating transportation. Yasmine suggests that the piece can be used as a low table or a rather decorative sculptural piece.

"I love to work with solid materials such as wood and natural stones, all kinds of metal and marble."

The designer Richard Yasmine, is an interior Architect and Product Designer - born and raised in Beirut, graduated in 2003 from the 'Lebanese university' with an honorable fine arts master degree – works as a conceptual designer and collaborates with design firms in Beirut, Milan, Dubai, and Doha.

"I believe that design should be simple, bold, and straight forward with a touch of fantasy. I like to create multifunctional design pieces."

Merging his experimental dimension with a professional know-how, Yasmine incorporates a fresh approach while sticking to culture and traditional aspects, using technology and methodology, perception and spaces. He has won several regional and international competitions and is a regular attendant to fairs in Paris, Milan and New York. Active in the field of installations, furniture and conceptual design, his projects and designs have been featured in many local and international blogs and magazines.

YASMINE gets his motivation and inspiration from renowned architects, artists and fashion designers such as Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, Anish Kappor, Yayoi Kusama, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.

“CURRENTLY I'm working on integrating the Middle Eastern spirit in my designs, seeking the bridge between the traditional and the trendy.”