Denis Guidone.

reaching out TO US from mılan, ıtaly.

Haiku has a notebook design that recalls Japan.”

With delicate watercolor print neon gradient pages, Haiku is named after the ancient Japanese poems with elusive natures. Designed for NAVA, Haiku comes in three sizes and three vibrant colors.

The notebooks weigh around 100 grams, and are made of refined and high quality paper with a cover printed in a single color with matt lamination and an embossed logo.

“I express my ideas in a non-conventional manner through all my design projects.”

The designer, Denis Guidone, works and lives in Milano, where he’s involved in the architecture, product design and visual communication design. Guidone has oriented his career in various fields of design, in Italy and abroad. He was awarded with International prizes such as: IDA Design Award in LA, Adam'o Eva, Idot, the Bruno Munari prize by the Milano Triennale, and got chosen for the Young Design Award in 2011.