reaching out TO US from BARCELONA, SPAIN.

Home Burger is the perfect design for burger-lovers looking for an innovative presentation.

Home Burger is a burger box. Yes, a box for a hamburger that is cast in white porcelain. Home Burger takes inspiration from the iconic shape of the carton fast food delivery boxes, and by the change of material, transforms the temporary into permanent.

Due to its form, the set of plates can be stacked on top of eachother to create a compact storage configuration. The tableware set is completely suitable for domestic use and microwave / dishwasher safe.

We create objects for your living space that you use throughout your daily life routine. 

The tableware is designed by Trineo, a little studio located in Barcelona, Spain. Trineo designs a selection of products that speak for themselves, without thenecessity for any explanation. Their portfolio consists of stylish products with a minimalist taste.