dmıtry samygın.

reaching out TO US from MOSCOW, RUSSIA.

“The architectural symbol of an arch is embodied in the chair.”

Italy collection consists of various iterations of high-back chairs. The collection takes its inspiration from the idea of an arch, one of the most important design elements in architecture.

The patterns THAT ARE formed by the negative spaces on of the back of the chair resemble an aqueduct. Made out of hard-wearing, lacquered solid beech, and oak the chair comes in any desired color selection.

“The aesthetic of proportions and lines prevail over functionality.”

the desıgn blends ın with both modern and traditional interiors, providing a strong visual contrast. Exquisite and elegant, the seat has a beautiful silhouette and can become a dominant piece in the interior subtly referring to the Italian theme.

"The first item that I made myself was the copy of the Argyle chair by C.R.Mackintosh. "

The designer, Dmitry Samygin’s studio is based in Moscow, Russia. He has a design education background in the Moscow State University of Art and Industry. Samygin’s design journey started when he was working part-time in his father’s furniture company.

“I worked with raw wood and practiced using woodworking tools, machinery, and finishing techniques.”

Dmitry’s design concepts are about simple forms, pure geometry and careful choice of materials. With his well-developed sense of proportion, he creates the perception of harmony between surface and volume in his works. The dimensions he selects are not random, but rather carefully calculated.