reaching out TO US from seoul, korea.

“Korean people think that they look like pagodas. Others think that they look like space objects.”

K-Balance Series consist mainly of fabric and brass. The geometric forms of the lamps are hard to achieve using a soft material such as fabric thread. Therefore, the designer built an inner brass structure and covered it up with colorful fabric thread. The brass provides strength and durability as well as insulation for the electric wiring underneath. The forms of the lamps are inspired by simple outlines of daily tabletop objects such as candleholders and vases.

“The shape of K-Balance connotes a different meaning for each user due to the different cultural associations in the world.”

Due to the pagoda culture in Korean community, for Korean people, the forms of the lamps seem like the design is a derivative of pagodas. Whereas, users from other parts of the world associate the forms with satellites or spaceships.

“I’m a fan of all sorts of fabric and textile.”

The designer Yoonna Eum is a product designer that mainly focuses on hand-made manufacturing. Eum’s work showcases products that are practically manufactured with great craftsmanship. Eum makes sure to personally produce each design with great love and care.

“I enjoy renovating iconic objects and making them unique by the use of funky colors, materials, and forms."