“KILO is an ode to the distinctive form of the vintage dumbbell weights.”

An ode to the distinctive form of the vintage dumbbell weights, the KILO Lamp Collection adds a touch of finesse to everyday living serving both as a table top accessory and luminaire.

“KILO aims to be beautifully sculptural when off, and colourfully radiant when illuminated.”

Available in Apricot, Aubergine, and Cobalt color selection, KILO consists of two hand-blown glass orbs which sleeve neatly together at their collars. The opaque white portion of the glass orbs have a bobo-doll mechanism which balances the lamp’s center of mass at all times.

“I explore the potential of fusıng contemporary digital craft technologies with traditional glass craftsmanship.”

Based in South Australia, Thomas Yeend DESIGN, explores the potential in combining contemporary digital craft technologies and mixed-media components with traditional blown and cast glass processes. Fusing current manufacturing methods such as 3D modelling and 3D printing with traditional glass-making techniques, Yeend Design aims to generate user interaction with the tactile nature of glass. He does so by creating design work that possess an aesthetic of style and fun.



reaching out TO US from ADELAıdE, AUSTRALIA.

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 33cm