'kuu pendant'

elına ulvıo.

reaching out TO US from helsınkı, fınland.

“A lamp that addresses the versatile needs we have regarding light during distinct times of the day.”

Kuu pendant lights can be adjusted to fit the desired mood. Direct and indirect lighting is easily tuned by rotating the inner circle. The rotation angel is unlimited due to a cordless link of electricity between the parts.

“Kuu pendant was inspired by my affection to atmospheric illumination.”

Elina Ulvio’s motivation behind the designs were her appreciation of atmospheric illumination. By making a lamp that transforms from direct to indirect lighting, Ulvio aimed to address the versatile needs of individuals for light during distinct times of the day.

"Kuu is Finnish for moon."

The adjustabılıty of the lamp brings it a constantly changing figure that forms different sized crescents and round shapes, reminding of the moon during various periods.

“Constantly changing figures form different sized crescents and round shapes, reminiscent of the lunar phases.”

The pendants consist of a wood and acrylic shell, and LED energy sources. Manufactured by Mater Design, the Kuu pendant was awarded Best Product of the Year 2017 by the Association of Finnish interior journalists.

“My designs can be described as functional art.”

Elina Ulvio is an award-winning designer from Helsinki, Finland, with a background in architecture. The combination of her passions becomes objectified in her work, where space and form meet which adds another dimension to her furniture desıgns.