'lamp / one'


reaching out TO US from TRIESTE, rome.

Lamp / One pendant collection conveys the value of high quality manufacturing, that belongs to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. The inspiration for the project came from the properties of light. Formaminima was highly interested in the effects of light on surfaces of various materials – how it transforms an object that’s opaque goes translucent and vice versa.

The collection earns value from an arrangement of carefully selected materials, such as locally sourced durmast, satin brass and Carrara marble.  The design approach aimed to diligently preserve the characteristics of Italian local know-hows and craft traditions such as; Crystal handmade grinding, and ancient woodworking techniques taken from an of experienced cabinetmaker.

"Our research attempted to explore the concept of transparency. The objective of the entire project was allowing light to become a powerful tool, and enabling it to turn thin surfaces of porcelain or marble into translucent walls."

Formaminima is an emerging Italian design studio, exploring the field of lighting and product design. A natural tendency for simplicity and a limitless passion for details represent the common ground of their small team of talented designers. Formaminima’s background developed and enriched through their designers with various creative BA degrees (IUAV of Venice) and MA (Sustainable Design Master Degree, Kingston University, London).

for all of their private commissioned projects, The manufacturing process happens through various collaborations with some of the best Italian craftsmen and artizans.