'let there be light'

felix mollinga.

reaching out TO US from holland, netherlands.

Let There Be Light is a wooden pine chair that creates a halo for the person seated. Both the A frame of the back legs and the direction of the wood grain in the seat point upwards, and perhaps direct the perspective of the viewer up to heaven.

The chair functions as two household items both at the same time; a lamp and a chair. The backrest is a metaphor for wings, and the light source is placed in the perfect distance in order to form a ceramic halo for on top of the user’s head.

Felix Mollinga (1995) is a Dutch designer currently residing in Singapore, and in the middle of completing his Bachelors at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

“My day to day experiences trigger a work methodology of imagining, prototyping, and producing many iterations before an end result is achieved. Lately, my products tend towards being more critical, speculative, and sustainable.”