matthieu muller  x  pierre alexandre.

reaching out TO US from PARIS, france.

“The multi-functional LIGA table series acts as additional storage space.”

LIGA is a collaboration between Pierre Alexandre Cesbron (ENSCI) and Matthieu Muller (Design Academy Eindhoven) made at ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris during their semester supervised by Jean François Dingjian (Normal Studio). Pierre and Matthieu's design intention aimed create simple, functional and poetic reflections where objects can talk for themselves without any explanation needed.

LIGA is the result of a search for simple, functional and poetic storage furniture.”

LIGA is a range of storage furniture, a box, a bedside and a coffee table. These objects draw their identity in a color game, expressed by a gradient, which arises from the tension exerted by the ligature.

The ligature links the top part to the bottom part and acts as a central hinge.

“The top part is made of sublimated metal and caoutchouc neoprene, the bottom is painted metal and has an elastic nylon ligature.”

Each step of the manufacturing process is designed in an efficient logic. Thus, the bottom part symmetrically assembles two identical elements welcoming the ligature at its center.

thus the treatment of the gradient is applied by sublimation allowing unlimited reproduction.