reaching out TO US from SEOUL, KOREA.

Lounge chair and bench is made from steel rods that are harmoniously bent to align perfectly when stacked or separated. The wireframe quality of the pieces enables them to sink into the atmosphere and becomes a subtle graphic element. The collection comes in different colors that have a smooth powder coat finish.

“I study the concept of minimalism and design ways to maximize design through simplicity.”

Min Sung Choi studied Art and Furniture Design in Seoul, and initiated his personal design studio ‘Mark Choi Studio’ shortly after. The designer enjoys working on designs through the experimentation of a variety of innovative materials such as steel, carbon fiber, valchromat, glass, etc. Choi’s personal objective is to work with a new material and production method for each of his designs to gather as much experience as possible to become a better and stronger individual. Alongside minimalism, Choi is highly inspired by Bauhaus movement.