reaching out TO US from BRIANZA, ITALY.


MANET is a modular cushioned seat, designed to give the user the feeling of a soft embrace. The design consists of interchangeable elements that provides a variety of arrangements, and maximum freedom of movement. 

“The user has the freedom to move, turn or remove every single pillow, always finding the desired position.”

On MANET, as on a meadow, the user is free to both lay or to sit in his favorite position: reading, taking a nap or just sitting are always very personal experiences while staying in-between the soft 'stems' of the chair. 

The void between the cushions can easily become means of storage for books or small-scaled accessories.”

The chair consısts of a hollow base part and geometrically cut pillows that create the ‘faceted’ look. The base is made out of MDF and is covered with a soft vinyl fabric, which determines durable hygienic freshness. Pillow linings are made in 100% polyester fabric both removable and washable.

manet ıs the new way of creatıng a new seat.”

Designed by Marta Szymkowiak, MANET is entirely manufactured in Brianza area in Italy, by qualified craftsmen and artisans.

Marta Szymkowiak (1988), is a Polish product designer born in Jarocin. After acquiring her design degree on Furniture Design at the Poznan's University of Arts, in 2012 she moved to Milan. During her first years in Italy, she collaborated with design studios and freelance designers. In 2014, she co-founded BestBefore2065, a communication and design studio that supports entrepreneur designers.