reaching out TO US from PORTO VIRO, rovıgo.

Mirror Lamp is born with the objective of combining both functionality and optical illusion in a lamp. The object functions as a mirror and a light, and uses the addition of the mirror to create the surprising illusion of the depth, by replicating the other half of the light solely with mirrored reflection. Sixteen acrylic sections are arranged to reinterpret the classic form of the table light. The sections contain strip LEDs in order to provide the light source. With the addition of reflection, the light acquires three-dimensionality and doubles the volume and the intensity of light that it would normally have.

The design is supplied with a CE compliant power supply and a Wi-Fi remote control, therefore has on / off switching options.

"I believe a good design, in any project can refer to, must be able to excite the viewer as we are beings who dwell on emotions, but also depend on the relationship between ethics & aesthetics, form & function."

The Italian designer Michele Malin (35) has always been passionate about fashion and design. Given his graphic design backgorund, Michele is adept at envisioning the visual impression that the product would leave on before he manufactures the desıgn.

"I think that it is cucial to know how to utilize the best tools and latest technologies, such as online resources and social annexes."