reaching out TO US from JAIPUR, INDIA.

Planter provides pizzazz with its raw and glamorous texture.”

Planters portrait the harmonios fusion of the minimal and the embellished. The family of planters come in three different sizes enable the user to make various spatial arrangements. The series is conceived through a local technique of brass-beating. The precise craftsmanship applied on the high density lacquered brass, adds shimmer and delicate texture to the vessels. The contrasting simple wireframe structure supports the vessels, and consists of black powder coated mild steel.

“The end-product is an interesting blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.”

Founded by Dhruv Saxena in 2016, Atelier DS is a studio practices contemporary minimal product design. Their creation comprises of daily objects that are manufactured through the craftsmanship skills of the Indian artisans. The overall design language is quite simplistic which is unfamiliar amongst the local designers. Studio DS draws its inspiration from the Scandinavian and North European design aesthetic.

“As a studio, we get inspired by the spirituality behind the simplicity of the form.”

The studio practices techniques such as wood turning, stone carving / turning, metal turning, sheet metal beating and laser cutting. Most common materials utilized are marble, wood, steel and brass.

ATELIER DS promotes the basic idea that a structure is more stable if its base is broader than its top. This idea makes the objects visually substantial.

“Weight is a very important property of these objects as it gives a certain sense of permanence.”