“Each vase gets its color from its fiber: Bamboo, Coconut, and Wood.”

Poilu vase collection started out as a material exploration project. The serıes comes in three different vase options: Brun (brown), Blond (yellow), and Roux (red). Each vase consists of a mixture of PLA and vegetable based fibres that is made up of either Bamboo, Coconut, or Wood dust. Therefore, each vase acquires a different hue from its source material.

“Poilu, meaning ‘hairy’ in French, depicts the unique textural facade of the vases.”

The collection is based upon pushing the limits of material usage and manufacturing methods of the 3D printing technology. The designer duo came up with an algorithm that feeds the printer with a special code, which helps the printer interpret and implant thin strands of ‘hair’ in a systematic manner.



reaching out TO US from parıs, france.

“The 3D printer is fed with and algorithm that fuses the logic of mathematics with the logic generated by nature.”

The result is a powerful and eye-catching composition of unique pieces with a strong organic, contemporary and artistic value. Executed by the French design duo and founders of studio Bold, Julien Benayoun and William Boujon, the series was commissioned for the Miami based AYBAR art gallery.

“We designed a desktop 3D Printer of our own.”

Studio Bold is often inspired by science, physics, biology and technology and focuses on material experimentation and research throughout their projects. The duo started working together in 2007 in Netherlands, and afterwards carried out their studio to Paris. Bold collaborates with Startups and internationally renowned design brands in projects concerning UX and product design. In 2015 the studio designed a desktop 3D printer for themselves and currently is workıng on pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing technology.