“Inspired by the sensational forms and colors employed by Italy’s Memphis Group and Piet Mondrian’s reductionist paintings.”

The Primary Collection is a vibrant set of furniture that explores color, shape, and material with a touch of humor. There are playful design details incorporated in the design of the seat, the side table, and the shelving unit.

Influenced by the sensational forms and colors employed by Italy’s Memphis Group, Piet Mondrian’s reductionist paintings, and reconfigurable children’s toys the set presents artfully-designed objects that invite user interaction.

“Primary Collection enables instant customization and user modification.”

In the era of mass customization where individuals can easily modify a product’s appearance and features to fit their exact needs, the consumer is far more involved in the creation of the objects that make up their environments. The collection features the CLIP Seat, the NEO-NEO Shelf, and the COLUMN Table.

Like a paper clip, the CLIP Seat holds sheets of stacked pillows together with the help of a bent aluminum frame. Each cushion is upholstered in a wool fabric, reminiscent of industrial felt, and trimmed with colorful piping. Users are invited to re-stack the cushions, use them as floor cushions, or push a cluster of Clip chairs together to make a couch or bench.



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Drawing inspiration from an iconic children’s toy, the COLUMN Table offers numerous configurations by inviting the user to playfully re-stack the 22 rings along the centre post. Each disc is made of thick felt adhered to thin aluminum powder-coated in vibrant primary colors.

“With this collection, I wanted to facilitate the personalization of ordinary objects. While the forms and components are fixed, each piece is modular and reconfigurable, so that an arrangement of compositions can be created to accommodate any space,” says JAMAL.

The collection is designed by, a Vancouver expat residing in Toronto, Khalil Jamal who is an industrial designer with experience in public art and architectural products