“Rawness of natural elements fused with functional furniture qualities.”

Existing in the thin line between fine art and product design, the Sand Collection consists of sculptural designs that reflect the rawness of natural elements fused with functional furniture qualities. The collection presents three separate elements, Sand Chair, Moving Sand, and Rock Mirror that all share one thing in common: Sand.

'sand objects'

jacob egeberg.

reaching out TO US from copenhagen, denmark.

“Experimenting with unexpected materials and forms.”

Sand is an integral natural element, that is used in the production industry as the foundation for the composition of materials such as glass and concrete. Egeberg was inspired by the shaping process of sand, and showcased different states of sand, both raw and processed in his collection.

“Drawing inspiration by the way that objects relate to each other, to their environment and their users.”

The pieces have an experimental yet functional quality to them with the amalgam of materials such as acrylic panels and polished metal surfaces. The Sand Chair can be utilized as a stool as well as a side table. Separately, the pieces act as decorative elements as well as functional objects. The function can be determined by the owner’s intention of use.

“I aim to keep a certain playfulness in my work.”

Egeberg, graduated from The Royal Danish Academy school of Fine Arts and Design, and has an industrial design background that he currently uses ın hıs ongoing experiments and self-manufactured object collections. The designer mainly works with industrial materials such as concrete, metal and steel.