'shuttle pendant'

ıam archıtecture studıo.

reaching out TO US from kıev, ukraıne.

“I remember decades ago milllions of people watching the world’s first shuttle launching into the endless universe thats hidden from us.”

The Shuttle Pendant was designed with a great motivation behind it, ‘space’. The designer Maxim Kamynin took the form of a shuttle and derived from it to form the silhouettes of the pendants. The designer used the curvilinear nature of the space shuttles for the shade area and utilized solely natural and ecological materials. The varying quality of the angular wooden blades add dynamism to the overall shape of the pendants, and provide a sense of motion for the viewers. The thin blades of wood are symmetrically spaced and pretty lightweight.

During the manufacturing process, IAM Architecture Studio’s priorities were; Using sheet materials for the ease of production, forming a modular construction for the ease of transportation and assembly and for each piece to be unique within itself. By developing basic algorithms, the designer was able to construct each shape with consistent measurements and configurations.

“I create all my designs with the notion of beauty, inspiration, creativity and a soul purpose. Each design is meaningful and end up being more than just a piece of furniture.”

IAM  Architecture Studio, founded in 2014, is a rapidly growing team of designers that are rising to success with each project that they develop. The founder of the studio, Maxim Kamynin, is a Ukrainian architect that is highly passionate about exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques wıthın all hıs desıgns.

IAM  Architecture team provides a range of design services, and their portfolio has vasious architectural projects - from experiments with objects and spaces to recreation of authentic facades.

“We specialize in the recreation and transformation of ordinary spaces into unique living environments that provide unique design solutions for our customers.”