- solstice clock's mechanism in use. -

'solstice clock'

matthew gilbert.

reaching out TO US from london, uk.

“Solstice Clock is synchronized with the sun’s daily movement.”

Solstice, inspired by the hourly movement of the sun, is a playful moving wall clock, which transforms its scale throughout the day. The clock not only informs the viewer about the time of the day, but also gives a sense of space and volume with its changing form.

As one becomes accustomed to the rhythm of the clock’s hourly movement, he can easily tell the time at a quick glance based upon the size of the clock.

“The volume of the clock is a figurative display of the sun’s location.”

The skeletal configuration of the clock is made from precisely cut solid walnut protected with furniture oil and all the fixings are custom machined from aluminum. The plus shaped aluminum tracks enable the movement of the outer ring due to the wooden attachment between the hands of the clock and the walnut skeleton. The central circle consists of a plywood back. The clock movement is driven by an AC synchronous motor and is mains powered.

“I draw inspiration not from existing furniture designs, but from inventors and mathematicians.”

Animaro is a design studio founded by Matt Gilbert based in East London. Gilbert has a background in architecture and enjoys drawing on architectural and structural principles in his furniture designs. He fell in love with the world of furniture design while completing an MA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art which was split between furniture and architectural scale design.

During his design process, Matt looks up to the kinetic artist Arthur Ganson and architect Emilio Pérez Piñero.

“I’m interested in expressing forces and material properties in a very clear and playful manner.”