reaching out TO US from LONDON, UK.

“A wall-mount wireless speaker made from wood.” 

Hanging on the wall so seamlessy, at first glance the Surface speaker looks like a work of art with its sculptural form and pop of color. The speaker is made entirely from wood and works with wireless technology.

“Bridging the worlds of art and technology.”

Bridging the worlds of art and technology, Surface seeks to find a new area in sound design. Using two transducers, vibrations pass through the wooden outer shell, and the entire surface transmits sound. The design is not bound by the limits of traditional technology.

“Departing from the idea of a standard 'bookshelf' speaker.”

Due to its wireless mechanism, the speaker can be placed anywhere the user wishes, departing from the idea of a standard 'bookshelf' speaker. The overall form of the speaker is designed in a way that facilitates sound dispersion for an impressive room filling experience, from a range of distances the user chooses to listen. 

"the speaker can be placed anywhere."Extensive research was performed in material and acoustic investigation to find an optimal benchmark for sound quality.

“Working with the best European craftsmen that has mastered the art of wood-bending.”

Working with the best European craftsmen that has mastered the art of wood-bending, precision and quality is ensured across each piece. The manufacturing process involves pressing layers of plywood within a large mould followed by achieving the final forms via cnc milling.

The designer Oliver Staiano, is an award-winning designer from London working in the fields of product design fused with technology and furniture making.