'upright books'

jaewong lee.

reaching out TO US from Jinju & Seoul, Korea.

“I got inspiration from books heaped in the room of my friend.”

Upright Books is a new take on the classic bookshelf design. The designer Jaewong Lee got inspired when he saw the cramped up books stacked on top of each other in his friend’s bookshelf. After his investigations on bookshelf usage behavior, Lee found out that indeed many felt lazy to place their books inside of an already full bookshelf. And tried to find a practical bookshelf design to solve this problem.

“My friend told me that he had a hard time placing books in a full bookshelf.”

Upright Books is a bookshelf design that enables the user to easily replace his book by its vertical slot system. The white oak shelves are perforated. Colorful yarn runs through the perforations to divide in between the shelves and indicate housing for each book.

“Each void is reserved for a book, and keeps the book from falling down.”

Jaewong Lee is a South Korean furniture designer that has been highly interested in woodworking since a very young age.

“When I was five, I made a nest for birds in the woods with my father.”

Lee’s continuous interest in working with wood led him to design practical and minimal furniture pieces.