“Takıng its name from the Portuguese word ‘vela’ which translates to both ‘candle’ and ‘sail’.”

Veleiro is a minimalist candle holder designed for easy movement and practical candle attachment. The design gets its name from the Portuguese word ‘vela’ which translates to both ‘candle’ and ‘sail’, which perfectly suits the form of the design. 

“A minimalist candle holder for easy movement and candle attachment.”

Each candle holder consists of a bowl-shaped base made from wood scraps leftover from the local wood shops, and a carbon steel top with a silhouette that resembles a sailboat.



reaching out TO US from brazıl, usa.

The wooden base provides space to store small belongings and box of matches. The triangular part of the steel structure is used as a handle to carry the candle around and contains prongs that hold the candlestick in place.

“Easily carried by the user back and forth, Veleiro smoothly sails from table to table.”

The design is created by the Brazilian studio Ventura Lab, founded by Giuliano Perretto and Max Kampa.

“Ventura means chance. It also means luck; be it good or bad. Therefore, to venture is to seek, through a sea of npredictability.”

The designer duo perceives the world of design as a vast ocean that is full of endless potential and undiscovered mysteries.

WE'RE sailing in search of good fortune. And to be fortunate, its mandatory take risks..”