Antrei Hartikainen.

reaching out TO US from fıskars, fındland.

Verso salad servers were designed originally for the competition organized by Serlachius Museums and Mänttä Craft’s Center in Finland. Verso was chosen as the best design and won the prize to become a merchandise item for the museum’s design shop.

With its sculptural yet leaf-like organic form, Verso is  a product of fine craftsmanship. Made of natural maple wood and sanded to perfection, the paper-like carved shape of the spoon looks fragile yet elegant.  

"I design furnıture and tabletop pıeces by fusing the materials with a certain artistic flair; at times focusing solely on a single element of the design procedure."

The designer of the servers, Antrei Hartikainen, is a wood artisan that has studied woodworking and master cabinet making in Salpaus Further Education AcademyHartikainen posesses an extensive experience in wood design, manufacturing and craftsmanship.

"The desire to bring out the diverse possibilities of wood is a recurring theme in my work."
"I try to create contrast by using the relationships between the worked surface, the finishing, the light and shadow, and light-weight vs. solid pieces."

Verso recently won the Italy Golden A' Design Award in the bakeware, tableware, drinkware and cookware design categories.