'watch STEP'

notaroberto - boldrini.

reaching out TO US from LYON, france.

STEP is a cross between innovative technology and honest craftsmanship.”

Watch STEP is a unisex 3D-printed watch. The mechanism of the watch gets printed on a single sheet of ABS, gets assembled, and gets finalized with the addition of a woven nylon strap.

STEP simplifies the complex nature of everyday watches.”

The watch runs on quartz movement, and is highly durable due to the minimal nature within its fast assembly process and material selection. The components of the inner mechanism is supplied from Switzerland. STEP can come in any desired color combination, and can be easily customized.

“The design process for STEP initiated right after we bought a 3D-printer for the studio.”

The intention of the designers was to utilize the printing technology to form the watch components in a simple language, so that they could assemble it with practical manner. 

“We endeavor to manufacture our products, caring for every step of the creation.”

Notaroberto – Boldrini is a French-based studio founded by two differing yet complementary personalities; Loïc Notaroberto and Simon Boldrini. The designers met in Brussels at the Sylvain Willenz Design Office, where they worked together for a year. Afterwards they traveled to La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland which is known as the capital for watchmaking. Having worked in the watch atelier for two years, in 2016 they initiated their own company to start their self-published project STEP