'wıreframe bench'

technotel dfouny.

reaching out TO US from beirut, lebanon.

Technotel Dfouny is rental furniture company, that sets itself apart from the competition by their unique marketing strategy. The company mainly purchases its goods from chain suppliers, and provides service for an estimated amount of time. Tehchnotel Dfouny focuses on space saving furniture for practicality and for ease of transportation.

Wireframe Stackable Benches are designed with these thoughts in mind. The silhouette of the Benches are formed by 14mm steel rounded bars, and weight around 30kg which makes them impressively lightweight. Such practical benches are hard if not impossible to find.

Not actually a designer by trade but more by need: Khater Abi Aad is the owner of the rental company.

"I find myself struggling to keep an edge over the market. This translates into concepts that I try to implement on the Lebanese market, which I then work through with my smith and carpenter to manufacture", explains aad about his personal marketing technique.